Big Hero 6 hits cinemas this weekend, and is practically guaranteed to have people gushing over Baymax in all forms. Why not get ahead of the curve and celebrate with Caramel Apples that look just like him? Adorable.

These sweet creations come from Food Adventures in Fiction, who've been ramping up to the movie's release this week with a series of recipes based on the main characters, from Honey Lemon's Honeyed Lemon Slices, to Wasabi-Ginger fish fillets inspired by Wasabi-no-Ginger (which sound absurdly delicious) - but the star of the show has to be these wonderful Caramel Apples, gussied up to make them look like Baymax.


I think my teeth are aching just looking at them.

The apples themselves are relatively easy to make - dip them in melted caramel, let them sit, dip them again in melted white candies, let them sit, decorate the eyes and mouth, done! Sugar, coated in sugar, decorated with sugar. Hey, at least there's an apple under all that goodness too. Delicious!


Check out the full recipe at the link below, while I go off and mutter about how lame it is Big Hero 6 isn't coming to the UK until January. Boo, hiss, etc.


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