These Circular Maps Show How Neighborhoods Really Relate to Cities

In New York City, you can cross the street and then—bam!—you're in a completely different neighborhood. But those exact boundaries are hard to pinpoint, and they're always changing. These minimalist maps by Archie's Press condenses them into simple circular designs that convey the way neighborhoods overlap.

So, why circles? "I use circles because they are the most graphically simple shapes for our eye to understand," explains Archie. "When we are faced with a barrage of circles, our brains don't get the 'dazzle effect' that kills our ability to understand a big information system. Instead, we get a holistic vision of the city's layout and essential landmarks that sticks to our brains."


Right now, there are maps for Portland, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Boston, Seattle, and Amsterdam. If your city isn't on that list, don't fret—Archie Press has a Kickstarter going to make prints for D.C., Austin, New Orleans, and Atlanta. Each print is 17.5 inches by 17.5 inches and costs $29. They're not your conventional city maps, but they do make you think about how city systems work. [Archie's Press h/t @DesignSponge]

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