These Clip-On 3D Glasses Should Not Excite Me as Much as They Do

On one hand, LG's Clip-On 3D glasses will leave you looking like a senior citizen, a pro baseball player, or Dwayne Wayne from A Different World (take your pick). On the other, it beats wearing two pairs of glasses.

I really want to hate these. I mean, they're pretty damn ugly. But my blind ass has also sat through many a 3D film constantly wondering in the back of my mind when my regular glasses were going to push my 3D glasses to the floor. Therefore, I think they're great. And yes, I should probably just get contacts, but whatever. I'm stubborn. [LG via Wired via Technabob]

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Platypus Man

Hells yes. I mean, I'd rather not pay for them and instead get them for free in place of regular 3D glasses, but we'll see. Still a great idea.

And who the hell cares what you look like? If you're looking at your fellow moviegoers and how funny their glasses look, you're really missing the point.

Oh, and as for contacts vs glasses, I don't know about you, but I look a lot better with glasses than without. They help make my head look less giant. And no need to stick things in your eyes when you don't have to. Eww. You don't have to be stubborn!