These Dice Celebrate Every Critical Hit With Flashing Lights

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A critical success role - whether it's to successfully scamper up the side of a spike pit or send the head of a kobold careening off its shoulders - is something all gamers treasure, no matter how your dice-rolling luck is. These new die go even further by treating you to a light show whenever you get a lucky hit!

The set of three dice - a d10, a d12 and a d20 - were commissioned by Think Geek, and start flashing wildly whenever you roll the maximum value on each. They've apparently been designed to accommodate the electronics within so they're not weighted towards getting good rolls. Sorry, table top gamers, you've got to earn those sweet, sweet crits. Here's a neat gif of the flashing effect that will have your fellow adventures afflicted with a severe case of dice-envy. That, or annoyance if you go on a lucky streak and your bloody dice won't stop blinking on and off:


I never noticed that some d10's just have a 0 on them instead of a 10. That seems like it's an oddly dickish move, thinking you've somehow fluffed a roll so hard you managed to get a 0 rather than a 1. A supremely critical fail, that would be! I kinda want ones that go a step further and just play a 'womp womp' noise when you critically fail a roll too. I'm figuring I'd hear that a lot more than being treated to the flashing lights.

Want a set? They're available at the link below for $25. A bit dear for three dice, but hey, sparkly lights!

[ThinkGeek via Technabob]

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Neat! Wonder if they can make dice that do something equally spectacular when you roll a "1"; like make a screaming noise like the lamentation of women.