These Durable Foam Solar Racers Could Last and Run Forever

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Nerf showed the world that toys made from soft foam could survive a kid's abuse for weeks, even months at a time. But guns and arrow-launching cannons aren't particularly educational. So if you want your kids to learn a little something while they play, consider these foam Volta Racers which run on the power of the sun.

They're certainly not the first solar-powered toy, but instead of a rigid panel the $25 Volta Racers use a flexible polycrystalline silicon solar cell. So in addition to the rest of the vehicle, it can survive a heck of a lot of physical abuse and countless playtimes. As an added bonus, since there's no onboard battery to hold a charge, when the sun goes down the Volta Racer will simply stop working making it really easy to enforce bedtimes. [ToyLabs via Gizmag]