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These Fur Coats Are Made Entirely of Human Chest Hair Because… Milk?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you were an advertising executive tasked with selling chocolate milk, what approach would you take? Fun cartoon characters? Promoting the health benefits of calcium? Touting its delicious taste? Wrong, wrong, wrong. The right answer is to commission the creation of a fur coat hand-woven from over a million strands of male chest hair. Because nothing pairs better with food than human hairs.

Arla, a British dairy, decided the coat would be the perfect way to promote a line of chocolate milk called Wing-Co marketed directly at men. How exactly did that logic work? Apparently manly features like chest hair have been shunned in recent years, and Arla wanted guys to instead feel proud of being a man—by drinking chocolate milk.

And there's good news if you're not full repulsed by this creation. For a mere $3,800 the one-off creation can actually be yours if you find your shaved chest a little chilly in the winter. Alternately, you can just stop shaving for a year and let nature run its course. [Metro via Oddity Central]