One of the consistent highlights of Doctor Who this year has actually been outside of the show itself - for every episode, a shiny new poster from the excellent Stuart Manning. And soon, you'll be able to have prints of your own!

Originally commissioned for the Radio Times, Manning's posters took a more stylised approach in comparison to Who's previous 'movie-style' posters from previous series, giving us some great looking images for each episode. He even manages to make In the Forest of the Night look vaguely interesting! Here's some big versions of some of the best ones, via Stuart's Flickr:

I especially love the subtle creases in all of them, like they were folded up and were a old magazine freebie or something.


Big Chief Studios, who currently make 1/6th Doctor Who figures, will be selling the prints exclusively, and will be sold either as seperate limited run prints, or as a complete portfolio collection of all 12, details about which will go up on their site soon, at the link below.

[Big Chief Studios]

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