These Helmets Let You See the World as an Animal

These sleek, polished metal helmets may look good from the outside—but from the inside, they reveal the world in a whole different way. You see, they allow you to take in your surroundings as if you were an animal.

There are four different helmets, which allow your to peer into the outside world as if you were a giraffe, a hammerhead shark, a horse or a chameleon. They work by simply placing peep-holes in the right places, then using mirrors to beam the light straight into your eyeballs. The result are like visualizations we've seen in the past, made real.


Intrigued? Sadly, they're on show in the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris from January 6th to February 20th 2015. But hopefully they'll make it the U.S. at some point. [Centre Culturel Irlandais via uFunk]

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