Barbie's dreamhouse might have everything from working elevators to a pool, but no one would actually want to live inside that pink nightmare. These stunning modern dollhouses from Warsaw are a different story—to the point where your kids might wonder why they have to live in the tiny bungalow you call home.

The designs of these tiny handmade Miniio homes were inspired by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, and the dollhouses are actually made of materials like bamboo and oak so they'll survive whatever your kid's imagination comes up with.


Even the tiny matching furniture is wonderfully modern and detailed, but all the attention to detail means these miniature dwellings aren't exactly cheap. The smallest one-room house is around $272, while a two-story dwelling is just over half a grand. Not expensive enough to require a tiny mortgage, but probably even more than astronaut Barbie could afford. [Miniio via Taxi via The Fox Is Black]

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