There's a case to be made—recently by designer Martino Gamper (and me)—that shelving is the most personal piece of furniture you own; a functional place to store your stuff that also puts it on display, like you're curating own little curio exhibition. The Room collection, by Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson, might be the most fun modular system I've ever seen. Swoon.


The 25 mix-and-match pine plywood and veneer pieces are stackable and infinitely rearrangeable, depending on what you've got to stash. Some were built with particular objects in mind—books, phones, wine—but the choice is yours of how you want to set it up: long across the ground or up towards the ceiling. It's like a puzzle where every configuration is a perfect fit, or grown-up building blocks. Either way, it's just plain wonderful. [MoCo Loco]