I'm very impressed by Finite Films. They're a band of filmmakers who produce one Hollywood-level quality short film every month—and each of their short films works within the constraints that people give them on the web.

Michael Tucker—part of the group—tells me that it's "basically an experiment in social media and co-authorship with the audience." Here is how it works: You go to their site, send them a constraint for their next short film, they pick their 21 favorites, you vote them. The top 7 define the next short. So, basically, you can get a movie in which:

• Someone falls into a hole.
• Someone gets eaten by a dinosaur.
• Two dozen tigers dance.
• A plane disappears.
• Semi-naked amazons hunt a mammoth.
• It rains coffee.
• Richard Nixon eats a doughnut.


I would watch that movie.

They are now currently accepting submissions for their June film, which will be premiering June 2012. [Finite Films]

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