Next month, Marvel's comic books will have a set of 20 variant covers drawn by Phil Noto - and each brilliant cover is done in the style of retro photos from the sixties and seventies, like candid windows into the lives of the superheroic.

Announced at NYCC last year, the covers have been revealed in drips and drabs over the last month or so at sites such as Comic Vine, Comic Book Resources and Newsarama, and harken back to a series of similar drawings Noto did in 2011 that he dubbed the 'Hank Pym Photo archive'.

Noto's art is always impeccably drawn, but these are all the more impressive for completely nailing the old school aesthetic - not that they just look like old photographs from years gone by, but the framing and the expressions on the characters look like they're candid snapshots, a glance a at a party or out on the street. They don't look like 'staged' covers, for want of a better word: they look stunningly 'real' in a way that really makes them stand out. Even the faux TIME and Life magazine covers look just right! Here's a few select covers, but you can see plenty more at the link at the bottom of the post:

[via Comics Alliance]

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