These hot red Sennheiser Momentum headphones used to live in the bedroom of the future and now they live on my head. I picked them up a few days ago and haven't been able to take them off.

In fact, here's a Vine to prove it. "Living" in this Home of the Future the past few days, we've all naturally gravitated toward different products—of which there are more than 200. We're all big fans of the Herman Miller spun chair. Seriously, if you have a chance to come by, you absolutely have to sit in that thing. But beyond that, I haven't been able to take these Sennheiser over-the-ear cans off, and I'm wearing them right now blasting Drake while I blog from the living room. They're comfortable and loud, and they don't have that ouch-y pinchy feeling you get after wearing headphones like these for more than a couple of hours at a time.

While wearing headphones over your ears can be a pretty clear sign of "don't talk to me," you just can't help using something you really really like. And now for the plug: you can come wear these (if you can pry them off my head) along with everything else, here in Manhattan at our Home of the Future through Wednesday.

The Basics

Dates: 05/17/2014–05/21/2014

Location: 268 Mulberry Street, near Houston Street in SoHo. Nearest subway: Broadway-Lafayette.


Hours: 11:00 am to late. The Gizmodo gang will be working on-site all week—with super-fast wifi, on snazzy furniture—and we'll be hosting events every night. Check the schedule for all our programming here.

Cost: Free!

For all media inquiries regarding the Gizmodo Home of the Future, please contact Patrick Kowalczyk at