These Shelves Fill However Much Space You Have

Whether you need to move furniture around your place or are just too lazy to use a tape measure, flexible storage is very useful — like this set of shelves, that can double in size with a simple tug.

Created by Nendo, the Nest Shelf is a versatile piece of furniture: collapsed there are three simple full-width shelves; extended there six of the same; and in between there are nine, which change width depending on the space it fills.


If you’re thinking it would be a pain to extend, the designers beat you to it: the whole thing is made to be strong but incredibly light, in order to make it easy to use. The vertical sections are built from 3.7 mm thick carbon fiber; the horizontal divisions from aramid fiber honeycomb sandwiched between carbon fiber. Then, it’s all covered in a thin larch veneer.

There’s no word on pricing or availability yet, as the item goes on show later this week at London Design Festival 2015. But given the materials involved, it won’t come cheap.

[Design Boom]

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