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These Simple Conductive Pins Make Any Winter Gloves Touchscreen-Friendly

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Problem: Cold weather necessitates winter gloves, which keep you from fawning your favorite touchscreen gadgets as you numbly stumble to and fro. Solution: Digits. A $14 set of four conductive pins that you can easily attach to any gloves' fingertips.

They're genius! And they'll keep you from holding your right glove between your chapped lips while you race against frostbite to dial someone up on your smartphone. The Digits pins are comprised of one part that goes inside the finger and one part that goes outside, and they're capped with conductive silicone discs that'll make your gloves and gadgets fast friends. No telling how they'll affect your snowball game, though. $14 for a four pack here. [Quirky]