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These Ski Goggles Change Color To Adapt To Conditions Around You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The weather and lighting conditions on a snow-covered mountain can change in a heartbeat. But instead of carrying around a small collection of swappable tinted goggle lenses to match the conditions, UVEX's new Snowstrike VT goggles employ a thin LCD in the lens that can instantly switch between clear, red, blue, and violet tints.

The original version of these goggles dates back to 2007 and first introduced the ability to automatically switch between clear and dark tints for when the bright sun started reflecting off the snow. But the latest model introduces additional red, blue, and violet tints which help improve visibility for both lighting and weather conditions, whether it's snowing, overcast, foggy, or a bright sunny day.

UVEX's Variotronic lens technology, as it calls it, can switch tints in about a tenth of a second at the push of a button, so you can even adjust them in the middle of a run. But there's also an automatic mode that uses a light sensor to adjust the opacity of the lenses based on the changing ambient lighting conditions. And on a full charge the LCD technology in the $500 Snowstrike VT goggles will work for about 30 hours straight, even in the cold. So you don't have to worry about it dying before you get back to the lodge. [Uvex]