These Smartphone Cords Look Like Miniature Audio Cables

Audio cables look just plain sexy, especially when they're encased in those retro braided fabric jackets that make it even easier to coil them up. And now you can get that audio cable hotness for your smartphone cord, thanks to SuperFly Cables.


Most of us carry smartphone cables around every day, and they are an annoying mess. The wear and tear eats up their plastic casing, leaving you with a broken cord just when you need your phone the most. Plus, they look ugly.

That's why I wanted to try a SuperFly cable as soon as I saw them online. They come in both iPhone and Android USB flavors, and they are as durable as they are just plain cool. Choose between 3 or 6-foot cables, which range from $18 - $25. Lance Johnson, CEO of SuperFly, calls them the "Rolls Royce" version of a piece of tech that everybody over the age of 9 uses pretty much every day.

Now I have one of these coiled into the pocket of my backpack, and plugging in my phone makes me feel like I'm connecting an electric guitar to an amp. Which is a good thing.

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