KEF is one of those companies that quietly gets one with making amazing—and expensive—HiFi equipment. Now, however, it's decided to apply its knowledge of HiFi and branch out into headphones—and these things promise to be amazing.


There's a very clean and clear aesthetic to both pairs of headphones—both the on-ear M500s and the in-ear M200s—which is a result of their sleek aluminum frames. The cans feature a 10mm driver for bass and separate 5.5mm driver for mids and highs on each side, and even the M200s manage to squeeze in two drivers, too.

At $300 for the M500s and $200 for the M200s they're not cheap—but they're not the most expensive way to strap sound to your ears, either. As ever when stumping up for expensive headphones, it might be worth giving them a try before you buy. [KEF via Engadget]