The Future of Energy Looks Beautiful in These New Deal-Style Posters

Evoking the famous imagery created for the Works Progress Administration, a lovely series of posters created by the US government depict the country’s ongoing renewable energy revolution. And it’s definitely a place I want to live.

The set of posters from the US Department of Energy, specifically the Loan Programs Office, accompanies a report on the energy accomplishments from the Recovery Act, which was signed in 2009. In addition to creating 10,000 jobs in the energy industry, the Recovery Act guaranteed $16.1 billion in loans for renewable energy projects, and built enough infrastructure to power one million average American homes annually.

One of the most notable achievements of the Recovery Act was the launch of utility-grade photovoltaic solar plants. There weren’t any plants larger than 100 megawatts in the US in 2009, if you can believe it. The Recovery Act helped to fund five of the first ones, and now there are 28 more scheduled to go online.

WPA posters from the 1930s

The Recovery Act was actually modeled after the WPA, which put Americans back to work after the Great Depression on projects like the Hoover Dam that defined an entire era of water management and energy generation. So it’s fitting to see the same visual language (but far less propagandistic) used for the Recovery Act.

Although simpler than I would have preferred (I would have loved to see some different typographic and illustrative styles across the series, like NASA’s recent posters), these colorful images do manage to imbue that same sense of optimism. This is the next generation of energy generation, sustainable development, and green jobs. It’s the New New Deal.

Here are a few more I liked:


[Check them all out at the Department of Energy]

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