They Really Did It! Watch Toy Story—The FULL MOVIE—Filmed with Real Live Toys

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My goodness, this is a thing of wonder and whimsy and a buttload of perseverance. The Live Action Toy Story Project, which we've updated you about in the past, is finally completed. What a wonderful thing to exist in the world.

Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta started the project, a shot-for-shot recreation of the original Toy Story using live actors and toys, back in June of 2010, when they were just 17 and 18 respectively. They began by making clips without any intention of making the remaking the whole film. Eventually, their clips became popular enough—and their technique improved enough—that they committed to doing the whole entire movie in September of 2011. And now, a full two and a half years after they started, the finished product is here.


Now, the first thing in everyone's mind upon hearing this is probably, "Awesome. But Pixar is going to SUE THEM INTO THE GROUND." Which would probably/definitely be within its right. But Pauley and Perrotta actually made their way out to Pixar HQ last week and apparently got the OK to go ahead with the project. They also got to hand out DVDs of the completed remake in front of the studio. Which, you know, pretty freaking awesome.

The movie has actually been completed since August (there was a "World Premiere" at the time), but has just now been uploaded for the public to see, following the presumed go-ahead from Pixar. It's the culmination of a long process, with Pauley having turned two rooms in his parents' house into makeshift sets resembling Andy and Sid's rooms, and the pair of directors literally making some models, like Sid's mutant toys, from scratch.


This is obviously a labor of love. So go watch the whole blessed thing, and try not to choke on how freaking awesome it is. [YouTube via Live Action Toy Story Project, East Valley Tribune]