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Thieves Torture Former Tablet Owner With Horror Pictures

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

"Frank Drebin"'s home got burglarized a month ago. The thieves stole some tablet PCs. Frank went on with his life—until he decided to open the picture folder in his Dropbox account. That's when he found more than one hundred pictures of these two, including some pouting mirror shots by the glamorous lady you can see in these photos.

People are stupid. And dumb. And dumb. And stupid. Why thieves keep stealing gadgets and not wiping them out?

But then again, maybe they are not the thieves, and they bought the tablet on Craigslist or something. That makes them even more stupid, for receiving a tablet full of other people's information and keep using it as is.


Frank is a member of GlockTalk, "the leading firearms forum". Good luck with that, thieves or whoever you are! [Glock]