ThinkGeek's Got More NES and SNES Classics to Sell You... If You Win a Contest

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Despite Nintendo promising to bring back the NES Classic Edition next year, and to manufacture enough SNES Classic Editions to meet demand, both consoles are still hard to come by ahead of the looming Christmas deadline. ThinkGeek has managed to get its hands on a bunch of both consoles, but the retailer says it will only sell you one if you’re lucky enough to win a lottery.

Unlike previous ThinkGeek promotions which bundled the sought-after consoles with other Nintendo merchandise, this time around the online store is asking buyers to enter a free lottery to win the chance to buy an NES Classic Edition, SNES Classic Edition, or both. If you’re interested, you’ve got until 11:59PM EST on December 8th to submit your contact details on ThinkGeek’s site. Winners will be chosen and notified by email a few days later, which will include instructions on how to complete your order and dump more money into Mario’s pockets.


Hopefully, if Nintendo delivers on its promise to increase production of these throwback consoles, we won’t be seeing similar shortages when Easter rolls around next year. But by then, there might also be yet another Classic Edition device everyone is desperate to get their hands on.


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Of course Game$top would do this...