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Your friends will wonder in which direction your life philosophy has wandered when they see this hand-carved knife block, a prototype by Irene van Gestel of De Meubelmaat, a design group in the Netherlands. This gal must certainly possess a macabre sense of humor. Perhaps this knife caddie, chiseled out of a block of solid limewood, would be an ideal accessory in Cellblock B at Sing-Sing, where those who are looking for an appropriate place to store knives might be inclined to use their bunkmates' heads.

I wonder if Irene does custom work, perhaps replicating certain heads of state, or maybe the noggin of that old schoolmarm who got your goat back in grade school or those G-men going through your garbage and beaming music into your head. Since this is a prototype, there's no price or availability announced just yet.


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