When you ask a bunch of 3D printing nerds to design a better birdhouse, you can expect some wild and wacky offering—but this thing is perhaps the ultimate avian abode.

MakerBot recently ran a competition on Thingiverse which asked users to design the best future birdhouse—and the results are quite something. This one, by y ErikJDurwoodll, won the competition, and is called The American Craftsman Bungalow. It's also nicer than most of our own homes—-so is particularly cushy if you're a bird. The other winners are worth a look, too: they range from castle-like structures to cool, modern designs.


If you have a 3D printer at home, you can even download the schematics for all of the winners and create one for your garden. [MakerBot via Engadget]

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