There's something about Japanese-style Mecha that make them even more appealing when made out of blocky bits of Lego - and this 3D printed frame makes building a robot of your own design all the more easier, as well as giving you a bunch of articulation for posing it when you're done!

The frame is designed by Taiwan-based Hero Design Studio, and is called part of what they've dubbed 'Core Bricks', an 11-inch tall 3D printed internal skeleton on which you can build a design using Lego or any other kind of brick-based building toy. Check it out in action below:

What's great about the frame is that it doesn't just give you a head start in building a Mecha, it's packed full of articulation - turning your build into what is basically a Lego action figure. Here's just a few examples of the Mecha built using it:


Oh, the Gundam is strong in these, especially that last one. If I had the time (or the hefty number of bricks it'd take. Or the skill, for that matter!), I'd totally snatch up one of these and build myself a Jehuty from Zone of the Enders. I love me some mecha!

If you're interested in getting a frame, and have access to a 3D printer, you can download the plans for printing one over at Thingiverse, or Hero Design Studio's website directly.


[via Technabob]

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