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This $50 Stick Turns Any HDTV Into an Android-Powered Smart TV

Illustration for article titled This $50 Stick Turns Any HDTV Into an Android-Powered Smart TV

If you're wondering how you can breathe life into that old TV set, the FAVI SmartStick might be what you're looking for. For $50, you get a dongle that provides your TV with Android and access to streaming movies and music.


The stick, which runs Jelly Bean and packs 4GB of storage, plugs into any HDMI port and uses baked-in Wi-Fi to provide access to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Epix, YouTube, and Pandora. It comes as standard with a full internet browser, but because it runs Android you can download anything from the Play store, too.

The stick also lets you stream media wirelessly from another computer elsewhere in your pad, though you have to use a proprietary MediaSHARE app. You can also get a mini wireless keyboard and touchpad mouse for $40 for easier navigation.


Sure, you could get a Roku dongle for $100, but if you want to do more than just stream video then this little guy might be a better bet. And it does only cost $50. [FAVI vai Engadget]

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I will wait for the Vizio plug-in that is arriving soon.