This Aliens Power Loader Is Sadly Not Life Sized, But It Is Massive

Sure, it's not a Power Loader of your own to stomp around in, but it's still pretty cool - this new statue of Aliens' iconic mech suit is scaled to match the model made for the original movie, but even then, it's still a huge bit of kit.

Two Power Loaders were constructed for Aliens - a large scale prop built around a stuntman while Sigourney Weaver sat in the cockpit, and a model for wide shots during the fight with the Alien Queen, which this replica by Hollywood Collector apes. And just like that model, the statue is still pretty darn big. At 33" tall and 25" wide, it's basically the size of a small child.


But on the good side, it doesn't cost nearly as much as a small child does - it's currently available for preorder for a whopping $1200 ahead of release later this year. That feels both completely crazy, yet also kind of a appropriate for a giant hunk of power loadery goodness? If you've got the cash to spend on something like this, I'm figuring you probably have somewhere big enough to display it.

It's even too big to put a Ripley figure in, alas. Clearly that needs to be put out as some sort of equally ludicrous and expensive accessory for this thing.

[Toy News International]

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