Dragon Age: Inquisition is out in a few months, and what better way to celebrate than looking at some amazing cosplay of some of the game's female characters? This great group of women took to the wilds for a wonderful photoshoot.

Header Image Credit: Bronson Le/Photosassin

The group features Leliana, Cassandra (both from Armed & Dangerous cosplay), Sera (Emmabellish) and Dragon Age Origins' Morrigan (Tarah-Rex Cosplay), and they've done a remarkable job of translating the look of the game in both their costumes but in the tone of their shoot as well - it's colourful and striking, and definitely evokes the look of The Hinterlands, a location Bioware have been showing off a lot of in the run up to release.


Individual photos taken by The Will Box

It's a shame Leliana and Morrigan aren't playable party members, otherwise my group for the game would look a hell of a lot like this! Well done, ladies.


[via Fashionably Geek]

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