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This American Life Finds a Home on That Apple iPad

Illustration for article titled emThis American Life/em Finds a Home on That Apple iPad

If you're a fan of the public radio storytelling show This American Life and own an iPad, I'm sure you'll be thrilled the show now has an app of its own. You can stream the ENTIRE archive of shows (which goes back to 1995), listen to new episodes live, and cache three at a time for offline listening. You can also listen to individual segments, search out specific contributors, and keep track of all the episodes you've heard. As a test of your fandom, however, you'll be required to pay $5 for this app. [iTunes]


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That is an absolute bargain. This American Life is one of the coolest, best shows of any sort in any medium, and every so often when I miss a good one I end up sucking it up and paying a buck for archived old shows on iTunes. I don't have an iPad yet, but would love to see this come out for my iPhone. A bargain at twice the price. Make it happen, Ira.