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This Animated Globe Lets You See the Earth Like You Were in Space

When Google Maps can deliver detailed views of the world with imagery that zooms right down to our backyards, they're can't be much demand for desk globes anymore. So a Japanese company called Gakken has taken its Worldeye globe to another level by turning it into a display that can show everything from weather patterns to stars.


Technically the $650 Worldeye is only half a globe, because the other half of the sphere houses a projector which is used to display its moving images and animations. But since it's the imagery that moves, you'll never have to actually spin the globe, so that's ok.

In addition to the countries and continents you'd expect a globe to display, the Worldeye includes 48 animations and videos of everything from wind patterns, to animal migration, to currents, to even constellations and planets. In other words, the globe is no longer limited to just teaching lessons on geography and how fast it can be spun. With the ability to load your own videos or even connect another device via HDMI, it can display just about anything you want. [Japan Trend Shop]

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Farquest de Jamal

What a COLOSSAL waste of money.

And it doesn't even have a retina display. :)