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This Arkham Knight Batmobile Go-Kart Is Worthy of All Your Envy

Tearing through your town in a full-size replica of the tank-like Batmobile that Batman drives in the Arkham Knight game is sure to get you pulled over in no time. But a smaller go-kart version of that same Batmobile? Your local police might just ask to take it for a spin.


The owner of this Batmobile didn’t build it himself, though. Like Bruce Wayne, someone else did all the hard work for him. But instead of having to foot the bill, Francis actually won a Super Gamer Builds contest where a bunch of talented artists and builders turned a two-seater go-kart into this crime-fighting ride designed to accommodate a single vigilante passenger.

Francis isn’t a crime fighter, though—as far as we can tell. But he might want to find a secret underground cave to park this Batmobile in. Because there are probably plenty of Arkham Knight fans who would love to take this for a spin—with or without his permission. [YouTube]


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Wait a second.. they took off the roll bars? So this is really the Decapitatemobile.