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This ATM Keyboard Will Steal Your Card PIN and You'll Never Notice It

Illustration for article titled This ATM Keyboard Will Steal Your Card PIN and Youll Never Notice It

You may think that the ATM you're using is perfectly normal. After all, it may even be in the bank building. And you cover your hand while typing your PIN, anyway, just in case there's a hidden camera. Well, think again.


This is some of the technology that crooks are using to steal your credit card information and personal identification numbers: A fake keyboard that looks exactly like the real thing, placed on top of the ATM's keyboard, impossible to detect unless you are an expert.

It allows you to normally interact with the ATM, but captures your PIN in real time. Add a fake magnetic strip reader—custom made plastic cases full of spare electronic parts taken from MP3 players, cellphones and other gadgets—and your money will be gone as soon as you turn around the block.


And that's when they are not making a full fake ATM.

It's no wonder that ATM crime is increasing in the US. In Europe, however, things are more difficult for these gangs because of the chip-and-PIN technology they use. Until we adopt it here—some banks are starting to issue them—just keep an eye on whenever you stick your card. [Krebs On SecuritySpiegel]

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Next time you are at your main bank's ATM machine, observe what it looks like. If it ever changes shape slightly, don't put your card in it.

Aren't there security cameras that catch the thieves installing these things? Seriously, don't tell me some guy installed this device and there was no security camera on the ATM that saw him do it.