This Autofetch Motion Pet Ball Is One Twisted Toy

At first I thought the Autofetch Motion Pet Ball is a neat way for lazy dog owners to give their pets some exercise and treats, but then I looked at the product FAQs. What's this about using it with kids?


The point of the Autofetch Motion Pet Ball is to stick some pet treats inside, activate the internal gyro-drive, and let the ball spin around to entertain and reward your pet. Well, at least I think you're supposed to use it for your pet, because one of the two "frequently asked questions" listed on the product page is a bit odd:

Can I use this motion ball with my pet Rabbit or Pig or Iguana?

Yes, it can be used with any pet, child, or adult human.

I really want to give whoever wrote that the benefit of the doubt and assume that the intent is to say that it's safe for kids to use the toy to play with their pets and that they're not encouraging shoving Halloween candy in there and watching a kid chase after the ball. Although maybe that could be fun to watch. [China Vision via Red Ferret via Wired]

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