This Automated Lego Assembly Line Robot Is Looking for Work

Lego Mindstorm robots aren't anything new. That said, Lego robots that might one day replace line workers at a factory (a la the car industry), that is certainly something I've never seen before. Until today, I mean.


Designed by Chris Shepard, this assembly line Lego creation is based on a real-life bot called a delta, which sorts, picks and packs larger items in mailrooms and shipping facilities the world over.

Shepard's creation isn't quite as ambitious as that, but to say this creation lacks skill or effort would be incredibly disingenuous. Untold hours and thousands of Lego bricks went into this build, which can pick and sort about a dozen items per minute.

More info on the build is available in the Tinkerology link that follows. [Tinkerology via Technabob]

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