This Bag Inflates to Keep Your Gadgets Safe

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Good news, klutz: this bag, designed by Royal College of Art graduate Peng You, is capable of inflating in order to keep your gadget safe, however clumsy you might be.

The Fugu bag is made from a heavy-duty carbon-fiber fabric which is coated on both sides with polyurethane. Its panels are then welded together to provide strength and ensure the seams are waterproof.

But beneath its surface lurk a series of inflatable sections made from thermoplastic polyurethane film, which is tough and elastic. Once inflated, they can absorb shocks and impact, to protect the bag's contents. You told Dezeen:

"People carry more and more electronic products every day, such as laptops, iPads, cameras and iPhones. Those things are not only fragile and sensitive, but also carry a huge amounts of business and personal data.

"Traditional padding is too chunky and increases the weight of bag, and sometimes you don't even need it. If you don't have anything need to protect, you can just release the air."


The bag takes 1 minute to inflate—holding the air for up to five days—and just 10 seconds to collapse. The bag is currently on display at the Show RCA 2014 exhibition in London, which continues until 29 June. There's no word on whether it will make it into full production. [Dezeen]