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This Bag Will Make You Feel Like You Live In a Cartoon

Illustration for article titled This Bag Will Make You Feel Like You Live In a Cartoon

Sometimes, life feels a bit too three-dimensional. All that depth perception, it gets tiring. Well, if you're after a break, maybe you could get one of these bags and convince yourself that you live in some kind of 2-D cartoon instead.


This bag is made by a Taipei-based design duo who go by the name of JumpFromPaper, and it's just one of a range that all look like they've been dragged out of a 1980s cartoon. The secret, I guess, lies in the thick black borders. Most of the bags are targetted at girls, but there are a few that are designed for guys. Like this one, which is called "Play Hooky" and costs $80. You can buy them online here. [JumpFromPaper via CNET]

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I would have to see it in real life or on video, something just doesn't look right.

It is probably one of those things that only looks awesome from a certain angle.