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This Butter Factory Sure Looks Like Heaven

The Jean-Yves Bordier Butter factory in France looks like a wonderful place to get lost in. Mind of a Chef toured the factory with chef Ludo Lefebvre, and just judging from Lefebvre’s pure joy in seeing all that butter get made, it seems like it’s heaven on Earth. Hell, even from just watching the video of the process, I want to reach out and grab all those pale golden globs of goodness.


The factory proudly custom makes butter by hand and every element is carefully considered, from the wood they use on the board, to when they salt it, to what shape the butter will end up being, and more. Chefs can come up with custom recipes and the workers at the factory will make the butter to the exact specifications. It all adds up to such a thoughtful process that makes you definitely believe that there’s no substitute for beautiful butter.

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