This cargo ship getting deformed in the middle of a storm is terrifying

Amazing video of a large cargo ship passing through a small storm and the effect it has on its steel megastructure, which bends and moves as if it were made with Play-Doh. I love the sea but looking at what it is capable of and how small we are compared to it, I get terrified. Watch and see what I mean.

I know I featured similar videos in the past, but I just can't get tired of seeing the implacable, merciless power of the ocean. My admiration goes to every sailor in the world, who has the guts to defy the elements every day.

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Starlionblue…Planes do this too in turbulence. It is especially noticeable in long and narrow planes like the 757 and the DC-8. If you sit in the back you can see the fuselage twist.

For that matter airplane wings can bend quite dramatic.

In any case engineered twist, flex and bend is a good design feature since more rigidity would require more weight. There are downsides, though. Too flexible a wing can lead to aileron reversal. You either have to make the wing rigid enough to avoid that (Airbus widebody wing, because the designers preferred an unbroken flap line) or add an inboard high speed aileron (Boeing widebody wing).