This Chubby Guy Dressed As Batman Got Arrested for Dangling from a Building

Mark Wayne Williams, a 31-year old man, was caught by police as he dangled off the side of a building. The dude was decked out in full Batman costume, and carrying a baton, Freeze Plus P and lead-lined gloves.

Police pulled Williams up from the side of a 30-foot building and arrested him. Public safety director John Calabrese said the department has had contact with Williams before...when he was dressed up as Crow. His official charges are for trespassing and carrying dangerous weapons, and he's being currently held in jail.


Williams is supposedly a 'comic book entusiast' who describes himself in his MySpace page as 'a pretty easy-going guy. I like to help people when I can, especially my friends'. Perhaps one of his friends was in danger? [Petoskey News via Daily Mail]

Doesn't seemed ashamed at all!


Good quality Batman weapons, I'd say.

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