This Compact Device Keeps Small Electronics Running on Emergency Power

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A UPS—or uninterruptible power supply—beneath your desk can be a lifesaver if your building loses electricity while you're working. However, most people don't own one because a UPS is typically designed for power-hungry desktop computers and end up being heavy and expensive—but not APC's new tiny and cheap Back-UPS Connect 70.

After all, it's rare to find someone still using a desktop computer, at least at home. Most of us have switched to laptops, and that's who APC is targeting with this $50 UPS. It's got three outlets designed to provide emergency backup power to smaller electronics. And if all you've got plugged in is a modem and router, it will keep them running for almost three-and-a-half hours—which is plenty of time to finish up what you're doing or find a place to relocate. [APC via iLounge]