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This Compact Portable Charger Revives Your Phone With Four AA Batteries

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A portable charger can bring your dead smartphone back to life if you forget to plug it in overnight, but what if you forget to charge the charger too? That's not an issue with the tiny Oivo since it splits in half to accommodate four readily-available AA batteries that have enough charge to completely bring an iPhone back from the dead.

Having to buy a new pack of AA batteries every time your phone dies at the wrong time might be an expensive proposition for heavy users, but for those who only occasionally need a portable charger the Oivo is a clever solution. When not in use it's compact and light, thanks to a clever use of magnets to hold four AA batteries in place when it's time co charge. But when not in use it's not an inconvenience to carry it on a keyring—just in case.


You can't buy the Oivo just yet, though, because its creators are attempting to jumpstart its production with a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign. If you've got enough faith the product can deliver as promised you can pledge $34 to the cause and maybe get your hands on an Oivo this December if everything works out. [Oivo via The Gadgeteer]