This Crazy Shape-Shifting PC Is the Gaming Rig Optimus Prime Would Use

If you’ve always been disappointed by the simple way the Asus Transformer changes shape, prepare to finally be impressed. This Asus gaming PC tower flexes and folds more like Opitmus Prime than any two-in-one tablet ever could.


A collaboration by the Asus Republic of Gamers and case manufacturer In Win, this transformer-esque case was spotted by Engadget at Computex in Taipei. It reports that a button press at the front of the case causes the case to open up like an unfurling clenched fist, with the internal component case then rising up out of the body before tilting, to provide easy access to its guts. Rumor has it that Asus actually intends to sell the thing—and though there’s no word on pricing, it should be available before the end of the year. There’s no word on whether it will borrow the name Transformer, though (it clearly should). [Engadget]

GIF by Engadget



Kind of impressive, but then again, I’m not a PC player. I prefer actual gaming over being a tech-head braggart. This really doesn’t do anything for me, especially when the hardware will be outdated 4 hours after it comes out.