Illustration for article titled This Desk Tidy Folds Into Shape From a Sheet of Laser-Cut Steel

This neat, angular desk tidy is truly 3D—but it hasn't always been that way. In fact, it's put together from a 0.8mm-thick carbon steel, laser-cut beforehand to make it easy to fold into shape.


Some thorough investigation went into putting this thing, called .ORG, together. In fact, its designers spent hours working out how to use a standard 1-by-2 meter sheet of metal as effectively as possible, and covered it in a finish that uses a polymer paint to provide a soft touch and protection from scratches.

The unit includes a built-in light, which can be used in two positions and is powered by 16 LEDs, along with sections to accommodate a smartphone, a tablet, a space for small stationery items, and a larger space for a scissors and a stapler. Neat. Sadly it's currently not available to buy—so you might have to try building your own instead. [Design Boom]


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