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This Dragon Ball Super Diorama Is the Coolest Thing I've Seen All Week

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Of Dr. Garuda’s amazing Dragon Ball Super sculpture.
Of Dr. Garuda’s amazing Dragon Ball Super sculpture.
Screenshot: YouTube/Julie Muncy

Look, I’m creative. I write, I can do some other things. But can I sculpt a perfect diorama of one of the best fighting moments in Dragon Ball? No, I can’t. But Dr. Garuda certainly can.

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, you know the moment (and if you’re not I’ll be vague to avoid spoilers). That pivotal moment of the Tournament of Power at the end of Super, featuring two members of our team, Goku and Freeza, and the big baddie, Jiren. It’s dramatic, fun, and dynamic, one of the most compelling moments of animation the Akira Toriyama-created series has ever gotten. And Dr. Garuda, a sculptor and YouTuber, has an amazing video of their own diorama recreation of the moment, which is just as elegant and dramatic as the original.

Dr. Garuda’s work is meticulous and stunning, and it’s showcased here in detail over a twenty minute time lapse from initial molding, to painting, to the final arrangement of the figures. Goku, Freeza, and Jiren all look recognizably themselves, with all the details absolutely on point. This would be an amazing desk centerpiece, and it rivals the work of any professional action figure or sculpture vendor around. Dragon Ball Super is over, and seems to not be returning any time soon (in animation, at least). But we at least have amazing art to remember it by. 


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