This Drone Video of Hong Kong Is Truly Spectacular

Because of the city’s history and because of its unique geography and because of the towering buildings and because of the cramped quarters and because of all the greenery nearby and because of the water pushed up against the city, Hong Kong is a pretty magnificent place to photograph. Taking pictures of what’s above and what’s around and what’s below is always pretty to look at. This drone view of Hong Kong might be the most spectacular of any photo or video footage ever taken of the city.

NPro+ Aerial Production, the group who filmed it, writes:

After 1 year production, more than 80 take off, nearly 10 hours flying, NPRO+ aerial production bring you overlook the Mountain, coast, city, nightscape, bridge, religion, estate of Hong Kong by fantastic drone footage.


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Man I wish I made better use of my time when I was living in Hong Kong as a teen. I wouldn’t want to live there now since rents are so bad there, let’s just say that if you think NYC rents are crazy, thank Christ you’re not living in Hong Kong.