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This Emotional Dimmer Switch Guilts You Into Living in the Dark

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Designer Danny Taylor created this smiley/frowny dimmer switch concept to help teach kids about responsible energy use. When the lights are off, the dimmer switch expresses its approval with a big smile across its face. But when the lights are on, a disapproving frown will be staring at you until you stop your wasteful ways.

Is it the best way to get the message across to kids? Maybe not. Most childhood psychologists aren't exactly keen on the whole negative reinforcement approach. And besides, who can really enjoy curling up with a book with that upsetting frown on the wall? But if you disagree and think it's a clever solution to your kids leaving the lights on all the time, you can wait until this goes into production, or just grab a Sharpie and draw your own. [It's Danny Taylor via Inhabitat]