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If you live in an older house or apartment that isn't entirely up to date, you probably feel my first-world pain when it comes to power outlets, or a lack thereof. I make due with my litany of extension cables and power bricks, but sometimes, not every lamp and gadget power cord can reach the promised land. Multi Lines is here to help with those cords.

Simple as this idea may be, it's deceptively handy. Instead of having all the outlets at one end of the cord, Multi Lines spreads out three receptacles across the length of the cord (ranging between 6.5 and 16.5 feet) , so that you can run a single cable along a shelf or baseboard and not worry about plugs not reaching the outlet. The best part is that these things are real, and are available now, ranging between $16-$22, depending on length. [Connect Design via Holly Cool via Oh Gizmo]


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