Well, just his upper torso and head, but even then, this thing is humongous.

Based on the Michael Bay movie's design for Prime rather than the G1 look (yes, you may begin complaining now), Yexel Toy Museum's insane Transformers display is supposedly life sized, but considering Optimus is meant to be about 28 feet, having merely his upper torso be around two stories high makes him seen even bigger than he should be.


Housed in a room decked in railings and NEST paraphernalia, the humongous Transformer is decked out in lights too, so you get to gaze into his spooky realistic eyes and get nearly blinded. Joy!

I really wish they'd kept the faceguard over. Not just to give the classic look, but also because in larger-than-life-size mouth and robolips really freak me out.

Check out Yexel's facebook page for more pictures of the display and other exhibits.


[via TFW2005]

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