This Gigantic Revolver Shoots Shotgun Shells

Illustration for article titled This Gigantic Revolver Shoots Shotgun Shells

"The Raging Judge", as this gun is called, is insane. Though it has the look of a comically oversized revolver, it's actually capable of shooting 28 gauge shotgun shells. Which make this gun really freaking huge and scary and ridiculous.

The only thing I know about guns is to stay away from them and hell to the yes I'm staying away from this one. [Firearm Blog via Neatorama]

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

Am I the only one who'd still rather have a decent 9mm?

I don't even own any firearms, but if I did, it'd either be a decent 9mm (maybe Glock 17, or a Beretta), or an M1 Garand just for historical value.

Weird sorta shotpistol things just don't make much sense to me for anything I'd do with a firearm (range shooting, hunting, or even zombie defense).

Honestly, when the zombies do come, I want a semi-auto shotgun.