This Glass Doesn't Know Which Side Of The SHIELD/Hydra Conflict It's On

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The revelation of Hydra infiltrating SHIELD in the MCU was a coup for Marvel - not just a big gamechanger for their 'shared universe' plans, but also the opportunity to turn all of that SHIELD related merchandise into Hydra stuff. Or in the case of this glass, both!


Sure, we could talk about the nifty half-pint glasses, one SHIELD affilated, one emblazoned with the Hydra logo, coming together as single glass, but the real question is - when Hydra revealed themselves having infested SHIELD since its creation, what the hell happened to all of the SHIELD-branded mugs, shirts, labcoats, office supplies and other paraphernalia? And perhaps more pertinently, where did Hydra keep all of its own branded stuff while it was deep undercover in SHIELD?

We know already that Hydra has a bit of a fascination with its personal branding, but really, I want to see the meetings where covert members would gather, and after a few Hail Hydras, discuss ordering the next batch of Hydra-branded pens or whatever. You know, the real banal side of this Nazi secret organisation - we've seen the delicious moments of betrayal and villainy they're capable of in The Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD, so give us the other side: the adventures of Hydra's brand awareness team! I mean seriously, there's got to have been times when a hapless SHIELD agent, looking to replace their company-branded coffee mug, walked into a supply cabinet and accidentally opened a box filled with Hydra mugs.

The SHIELD/Hydra glass can be yours next month for $16. Your questions about the branding strategy of secret spy organisations however, are priceless.

[Entertainment Earth]

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Didn't Cap find a whole storeroom full of Hydra gear on SHIELDs helicarrier in The Avengers? Sure it's from WWII.

Maybe they contract out to Veridian Dynamics for their merchandising needs. As to what to do with all of the leftover Shield 'merchandise' maybe they ship it off to Africa or some other third world country, like major sports teams do with the 'Champion' shirts printed up for the losing team. Their legitimate fronts companies could use it as a tax write-off.…